Elisabeth was married to Zacharias, who was a priest.

Elisabeth was an old lady when she had her son, John the Baptist.

Elisabeth was cousins with Mary.

Elisabeth got a visit from Mary, her cousin. When Mary mentioned Jesus for the first time, Elisabeth’s baby jumped to life in her tummy!

Elisabeth’s baby, John the Baptist, would grow up to be one of the greatest prophets that ever lived. He had the honor of baptizing Jesus!

In The Bible:

And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost: Luke 1:41

Brother Branham Said:

I can see Mary throw her arms around and saying, "Oh, Elisabeth, how sweet it is to see you again." And said, "I've just been told that you're going to have a child in your old age."

I can hear Elisabeth say, "Yes, Mary. That's right. I—I'm going to have a child. But it's worried me. See? It's six months, no life yet." Altogether subnormal. See? Life comes at about… You feel life three to four months, something like that, two and a half months. Said, "But there's no life yet."

And Mary said, "You know…"

Oh, my. I know I'm suppose to stay here, but I can't.

59 Look. Said, "You know, the Holy Ghost come down and overshadowed me, and told me I was to have a baby also, knowing no man. And I should call His Name, Jesus." And just as she said, "Jesus," little John leaped in the mother's womb, begin to jump like that, received life. The first time the Name of Jesus Christ was ever spoke by mortal lips, a dead baby come to life in the wombs of a mother. 51-0729


It wasn't long before Elisabeth was going to be a mommy. After years and years of being married to Zacharias, she was finally going to have a child. She must have been really excited, but after a while she noticed that something was wrong.

Normally, when a baby is in his mommy's tummy, the mommy can feel him kicking around. But Elisabeth hadn't felt him moving at all. Was he OK? Maybe there was something wrong with him, or maybe he wasn't even alive!

As each day passed, she became more and more afraid. How could this be? She knew that an Angel had visited her husband, and she knew that God was in control, so why wasn't her baby moving? She was so scared.

Elisabeth and Zacharias prayed and prayed, but the baby never moved. They couldn't understand why this was happening, but the two believers kept their faith. They knew that, somehow, God would find a way to help the little baby that was in Elisabeth's tummy. He would keep His promise, and somehow, little John would be just fine.