Building The Branham Tabernacle

It was the year 1933. Franklin D. Roosevelt had just been elected president of the United States, and the American flag only had 48 stars on it.

It was a much different time than we live in now. The country was struggling through the Great Depression, and times were tough. There were no such things as computers, iPads, cell phones or internet. Even things like air conditioning and microwaves had not caught on yet.

Brother Branham was only 24 years old, but he knew what he had to do. He had a calling in his life to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Brother Branham's congregation was growing; he realized that he would need a permanent building really soon. But how would he do it? It was during the Great Depression, and very few people had jobs that paid enough to help support a new building.

God found a way to do it. People started coming in with their tithes and offerings, and Brother Branham put his with theirs. With the help of a Catholic friend of Brother Branham's, the City of Jeffersonville signed off on the project, and the people went to work.

On the morning that construction began, the Lord gave Brother Branham a vision. "This is not your tabernacle."

"Where is it, Lord?" Brother Branham replied.

Then the Lord set Brother Branham under the sky and started to tell him things that would take place in the future. Brother Branham wrote down the vision and took it with him to the work site. That afternoon he laid it in the cornerstone of the new church.

That same day, Brother Branham's granddad, along with many others started to build the Branham Tabernacle. It wasn't long before they were wrapping up the finishing touches. It was a simple building, but a very important one. Thousands would receive their healing there. The dead would raise there, and most importantly, God's Words would be spoken there.

Today we have hundreds of tapes that were preached at the little Branham Tabernacle, located at the corner of 8th and Penn Streets in Jeffersonville Indiana. Would you have liked to see Brother Branham preach in the tabernacle? Wouldn't it be fun to go back in time and see him preaching in his own church for the first time? He would be preaching the same Word of God that he always preached!