Sunset Mountain

Deep in the desert of Southern Arizona, there is a place called Sunset Mountain. It is a place where Brother Branham loved to go hunting, and more importantly, get away from the world while getting closer to God.

Sunset Mountain isn't a towering peak that stands out over the desert floor. It is more like a ridge that blends in with the hundreds of other ridges in the area.

Located about 40 miles northeast of Tucson, Sunset Mountain is out in the middle of nowhere. It has rocky ridges that look over dry, sandy river beds, or "washes." It is a beautiful spot in the desert that none of us would have ever heard of, if God had not chosen it as a special place for His prophet.

In early 1963, Brother Branham was at Sunset Mountain hunting javelina with his friends, when something amazing happened. A great blast came so strong that Brother Branham thought he had been shot.

Seven Angels came down and visited Brother Branham. He was to return home. The Lord was ready to reveal the Seven Seals: mysteries that had been hidden for thousands of years.

God's prophet quickly announced that he would be preaching a series on the Seven Seals in the Book of Revelation. People came to Jeffersonville from all over the country to hear these great mysteries being revealed, and no one left disappointed. Every day, God revealed more and more; after thousands of years, the hidden secrets of the Seven Seals were finally made known to God's chosen people.

Even today, God is using the tapes to continue to show us His Word. You can even hear Brother Branham preach the Seven Seals for yourself! They were preached in March, 1963 on these tapes:

63-0318 The First Seal

63-0319 The Second Seal

63-0320 The Third Seal

63-0321 The Fourth Seal

63-0322 The Fifth Seal

63-0323 The Sixth Seal

63-0324M Q & A On The Seals

63-0324E The Seventh Seal