God's Schedule

After learning about the story of Elijah, we know for sure that God uses the still, small Voice to speak to His prophets. But did you know that God speaks to us the same way?

One time, Brother Branham was in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was staying in a hotel called the "Indiana Hotel." News had gotten around about Brother Branham being in town, and people were everywhere, wanting to see him.

One morning, Brother Branham wanted to have breakfast with Sister Branham and a Sister named Mrs. Morgan. The meetings had been so popular, Brother Branham and his wife had to sneak out a secret back door of the hotel just to avoid the crowds.

The plan was to go to a certain restaurant, but while they were on their way there, Something told Brother Branham to turn left. He didn't know what it meant, but he listened. Soon he found himself inside a completely different restaurant, called Miller's Cafeteria. Just as Brother Branham sat down, someone said, "Praise the Lord." It was a woman who needed healing for her brother. Last night, she had prayed all night, until she had a dream. In the dream, she was told to be at Miller's Cafeteria at 9:00 AM. She was right on time, and so was Brother Branham. He prayed for her and she received her request!

Brother Branham left the restaurant and walked outside. Strangely, a sister named Mrs. Domico was standing there. When she saw Brother Branham, she fell to the ground. She told him that she was dying of cancer, and last night she dreamed that she should be standing outside Miller's Cafeteria at 9:10 AM. Now she was face to face with God's prophet!

Brother Branham finally headed back to the hotel, but God still had some more appointments for him. As Brother and Sister Branham approached the hotel, that still, small Voice once again changed Brother Branham's plans. It told him to stop. Brother Branham listened to It and stood there by the street corner for 10-15 minutes, not knowing why.

Finally, the Voice told him to approach a certain lady. She was wearing a checkered skirt, a cap, and she had a pocketbook under her arm. She walked right by Brother Branham, and never seemed to notice him. But then, she turned and looked back.

She said "Brother Branham,"

"Good morning, sister," Brother Branham replied.

The sister started crying while she told Brother Branham her story. She was desperate. She didn't even have enough money to get home, so she would have to hitchhike all the way back to Canada. Something just told her to head down that street. She listened to that still, small, Voice that was speaking to her and It led her right to where Brother Branham was waiting.

Brother Branham asked her what her trouble was, and she said it was her arm. Then she stretched it out like nothing was ever wrong with it! She started rejoicing right there in the street!

Now all the people were paying attention, and they recognized Brother Branham. He had a prayer line right there in the middle of downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana!

If Brother Branham would have been the only one who was listening to that still, small, Voice, no one would have been in the right place for him to pray for them. God will work it all out, if we can just learn to listen to Him speaking to us.