Cub Corner in Poland

Recently our European office staff had the chance to visit some believers in Poland, and they ran into a Cub Corner artist while they were there! Here is their report:

This past weekend as we were in Poland we also happened to visit a family that ran a farm in the North East corner of Poland.

As soon as we were done with our work, we had a little time left over to visit some families that we had heard of that live in this area about 65 KM from the border with Russia.

As we made our way to their farm in the dark, we finally managed to arrive at the right address and as soon as we pulled up in their driveway they already came out to give us a warm welcome.

They were so happy that we took time to visit them, and said that they had never expected to have brothers from VGR come visit them.

We wanted to make sure that they had been getting the Polish translations as well as the new Polish SD card. They said they were very happy to receive all this material in the mail.

As we visited with them for a while, the younger daughter of the family told us that she was the girl who drew the picture of Absalom, which was put in one of the Cub Corner magazines. (I believe it was issue No. 25)

I took a few pictures of the girl holding up her picture.

I don't think it was a coincidence that we happen to run into this family. Her older sister was so exited hearing about plans for a  YF camp coming to Poland, and could hardly believe that it would be so close to home.