Little Gill

I was just a little fishy who lived in a lake in the mountains of Kentucky, close to where Brother Branham was born. My friends called me “little gill,” because I was kind of small for a bluegill. But I could swim really fast and always beat all my friends to the food.

Our favorite place to go was a little cove on the lake where the water was always nice. I guess Brother Branham liked it there too, because that’s where I first met him. I felt like I could swim 100 miles per hour in that water!

It’s so peaceful to live in God’s beautiful creation. I knew Brother Branham came out here to rest from his great ministry. But even out here, God was with His prophet.

One beautiful morning, Brother Branham was fishing with his friends, Brothers Banks and Lyle Wood, at the lake where I live. It was so nice to see them again. I just loved to hear them talk about the Lord, and they seemed to be doing more talking than fishing that morning. Then Brother Branham told them to go to this certain little cove to fish for bluegills for a while. I was so happy, because that was my favorite cove!

I followed them back to the cove, listening the whole time to every word Brother Branham was saying about the Lord. Then I saw something delicious fall into the water. I swam really fast and grabbed it up before my friends could.

I found out really quick that I had grabbed Brother Lyle’s hook, and swallowed it! I swam as hard as I could and tried to get it out, but I couldn’t. I was scared.

Brother Lyle reeled me in to the boat and tried to get the hook out, but he couldn’t get it out! He pulled really hard until finally the hook came out, but it hurt me really bad. He threw me back into the water so I could breathe, but it was too late. My friends told me I flopped a few times and floated to the top of the water, where I died.

For almost 30 minutes I was just lying there on top of the water, dead. But then something miraculous happened!       

The Spirit of God swept down through that valley, until you'd thought the Rapture was coming. Then God’s prophet spoke these words, "Little fish, in the Name of Jesus Christ, come back to life."

I turned on my side, and swam away just as hard as I could go, back to my fellow fish friends. I was alive again! The Lord Jesus Christ proved that day that He was God, when He raised me from the dead!

I’ll never forget what the Lord did for me that day. Brother Branham told my testimony all over the world, how God is God even over the little things, like us fish. And now, my testimony continues to be told on the tapes, and in this Cub Corner magazine!

Never forget that God can do ANYTHING for you!