42 inch horns

One time, Brother Branham had a vision about a large animal that he would get the chance to hunt. In the vision, he couldn't tell exactly what sort of animal it was, but it looked like a deer with great, high horns.

He saw in the vision that he would have to cross a shale hill to get to it, and there would be a man there with a green-checkered shirt on. The vision told that the antlers would measure 42 inches long.

Some time later, Brother Branham had the chance to hunt with some brothers in British Columbia, Canada. When he got there, he thought it may be the place where the vision would be fulfilled, so he asked the brothers which one of them had a green-checkered shirt. None of them had one, so Brother Branham thought the vision might be for another time. But it wasn't long before Brother Branham learned that this was the trip, and the vision would be fulfilled exactly like God had shown him!

Brother Branham was looking through his binoculars when he saw his caribou standing about two miles from him. He recognized it right away; it was the one the Lord had shown him. Its antlers were not normal caribou antlers. They didn't have panels; it just had straight antlers.

The only thing that was missing was the checkered shirt. But then Brother Branham looked over to his friend, and there it was, he was wearing a green-checkered shirt! The vision was being fulfilled right before their eyes.

After Brother Branham shot the caribou, the brother that was with him remembered that the antlers should be 42 inches long. At first he wondered, because they looked longer than 42 inches, but once he got out his measuring tape - there it was, 42 inches exactly!

The Lord had fulfilled the vision perfectly, but there was another part of the vision about a different animal. Do you know what it was?

You can find out about it on the tape, "It Becometh Us To Fulfil All Righteousness" 61-1001M.