Easter In London

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We held an Easter activity for our little ones (under 10s) over the Easter period and I wanted to share it with Cub Corner, as the children really enjoyed themselves learning about Easter and participating in the activities. Should the Lord tarry, others may want to do a similar activity with their little ones in the future. It was really simple to organize and the material for the things we made, can be sourced from recycled/reused materials.

Below is the report and attached are a few photos:

On Saturday 4th April an activity afternoon was organized for the Sunday school children at Only Believe Christian Assembly. The afternoon began with a teaching session where the children learned about Easter and what our prophet Brother Branham said about it. They talked about the last supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, Judas' betrayal and the Crucifixion. Most importantly of all, they talked about Jesus' resurrection and how this is the main reason why we celebrate Easter every year. They also learned a song based on the Easter story, which they performed at church for Easter Sunday.

The children then went on to make Easter Gardens and discussed how their gardens represented the stone that was rolled away from the empty sepulcher and the resurrection of Jesus. They placed three crosses in their gardens and talked about the thieves on the cross and how one of them mocked Jesus, whilst the other recognized the presence of God and said the right thing to go into paradise.  The children planted grass seeds in their Easter Gardens and as they look after them, the grass will grow and they can continue to think about the true meaning of Easter.

To round off the afternoon, the children talked about Isaiah 53:5 and how Jesus paid it all when he died on the cross for us. They thought about all of the things that we receive freely, such as forgiveness, grace and healing and then used their pennies to make a cross that represents how Jesus paid it all for them at Calvary.

The afternoon was enjoyable for everyone involved. The children had fun participating in all of the activities and hopefully now have a clearer understanding of what Easter is really all about!

I hope this is helpful!

God richly bless you!

Sister Aisha

(Only Believe Christian Assembly, London, England)