Quiet Time With Jesus

It was late one night and Jesus was really sad. He knew that the next day He would be punished and killed by His own people. He had not done anything wrong, but God knew that Someone had to die for the sins of the world, and that Person was Jesus.

Jesus was a human being, just like you and me, but He was also God. He was God in human flesh. He had the same thoughts and feelings that you have. He didn't want to be made fun of, or hurt, and He surely didn't want to be crucified; no one would want that. No wonder He was so sad and distressed.

Jesus was in agony, but He knew what to do: He had Quiet Time.

Jesus had brought His disciples to a place called the Garden of Gethsemane, then He took Peter, James, and John and went off a little deeper into the garden. Jesus told them that He was really sad, and He needed to go pray.

Could you imagine what He was thinking about? He knew that the next day He would be killed, but He also knew that all He had to do was speak the Word and every Angel in Heaven would come to His rescue! He could destroy all of His enemies in no time at all. Jesus had the power to get Himself out of this situation, but He knew that God had a different purpose for Him.

The garden must have felt very sad and lonely that night. The weight of every sin was laying on Jesus and He had to face it by Himself.

As Jesus sat there having Quiet Time with God, He knew it was time to make His choice. Now was the moment that would change the course of human history. Would He speak the Word and call down thousands of Angels to rescue Him? Or, He could do what God wanted Him to and be made fun of, spit on, tortured and killed for our sakes. What would you have done?

You already know what Jesus chose. He loved us so much that He chose God's way and died for our sins. It was the greatest thing that any person has ever done for another person, and He made His decision to do it while having Quiet Time with God!

You can also have Quiet Time, just like Jesus did. Just get alone and tell God about your questions and problems. Ask Him to guide you, just like He did Jesus, and He will!

You can read this story in Matthew, chapter 26