The Peasant King

There was once a good king who loved his people very much.

He dedicated his life to serving his people, but he had a hard time understanding exactly what they were going through.

You see, this king was born into a royal family so he always knew that he would become king. He never had to cut wood with the wood chopper, or work in the fields like the farmer. It was hard for him to really understand what it was like to be a regular person in his kingdom.

So one day this king decided to become a peasant himself. He would lay down his crown, and give up all of his power so he could work like the workers in the field, and struggle through life like those who lived in his kingdom.

The king told his guards and his noblemen, "Today, you see me for your last time, for many years."

"Good king, why do you say that?" They asked, "Are you going to a foreign country?"

The king replied,  "No, I'm going out amongst my subjects. I'm going to become a peasant."

His guards and noblemen were amazed. Why would the king become a peasant? Why should he care what others have to go through? He will always be king, so what does it matter to him how others live. It was hard for them to understand, but the king's mind was made up. The good king left the castle, and lived in disguise among the peasants so he could understand them better.

The king loved his people, and he wanted to understand their needs and wishes, so he became one of them!

God did the same thing for us. He changed Himself from being Jehovah God, to become one of us, named Jesus Christ. Jesus was tempted like us, He suffered like us, and He even died like us. He didn't have to do any of that, He was God. But because He loves us so much, He decided to know exactly what it was like to be one of us.

Now when we talk to God, we know that He understands exactly what we mean, because He made Himself into a Human Being named Jesus!