Congressman Upshaw

There was once a young man named William. It wasn't Brother Branham, but a different William. His name was William Upshaw. When he was just 18 years old he fell onto the crosspiece of a wagon frame and broke his spine. He was paralyzed for the next 66 years. He could not use his legs at all and just had to lay in bed or use a wheelchair or crutches if he wanted to go anywhere.

Fortunately for Mr. Upshaw, he had become a Christian before his accident, so he knew that God still had something for him to do. He knew that he had to serve God, so he didn’t let his disability stop him. He went to school and worked really hard while always putting God first.

Mr. Upshaw would go from school to school telling young people:



He told people about Jesus and how He could still heal people, but for some reason, it wasn’t his turn to be healed yet.

People really liked Mr. Upshaw, so much so, that he was elected to the United States Congress! Now Mr. Upshaw would be called “Congressman Upshaw!”

While in Congress, Congressman Upshaw fought hard to pass good, godly laws that would help our country, but God still wasn’t done with him.

Congressman Upshaw had become an old man. He was 84 years old and he was still crippled, but he still had never given up.

He had heard about another man named William, William Branham. Congressman Upshaw knew that Brother Branham was a mighty prophet of God, so one night he went to go hear him.

It was an incredible service, but for the congressman, it was about to get even more incredible. As the service was ending, Brother Branham told the people to pray for each other. The Holy Spirit came down and moved through the audience. Just then, as Brother Branham was being helped from the platform, he said “Go tell the congressman that God has healed him. I seen him going, walking away.”

Word quickly got back to the congressman that Brother Branham had seen him in a vision. So for the first time in 66 years he threw down his crutches and walked normally! He would never use them again.

Congressman Upshaw had to wait patiently for 66 years for God to heal him, but he let nothing discourage him, and he never gave up!

God used his prophet, Brother Branham, to deliver the great news to the good congressman, and God still uses His prophet to tell us our good news. God can answer every need you have. Just let nothing discourage you - and never give up!