Cub Corner Kids in Mozambique

While out on a missionary trip, the VGR staff from Mozambique, ran into a bunch of Cub Corner kids! Here is their short report:

Shalom and greetings

We thank God for a successful trip, it was the hand of God with us.

At 0904hrs we arrived at Bro. Zoungwe house in Mwatize. The first thing that we saw was the junior class doing the Sunday school. We had the opportunity to hand over the Cub Corner Magazines in person, and by the time we arrived they were more than 20 children, and whilst still there many young fellows kept coming.

We left the material for the 35 family assembly church with the pastor, and also we left material for 10 outreaches, which could not make it in time for collection.

God bless you,

Bro Jon