Hebrews Sunday School Project

God bless you all there at Voice of God Recordings.  We wanted to share a little project that has blessed our children and we thought it might be a blessing for others as well.  (The sister in the picture with the children, is Sister Hadassah Smith from Trinidad.)

We have been listening to the Jubilee Messages this past year and a half with the Bride around the world and it has certainly inspired a revival atmosphere in our home fellowship.   When Bro. Joseph announced the Hebrews series for these few months, with the tape quizzes for all ages, everyone was very excited.  Even though we would hear the sermon at home throughout the week, it is so special and uplifting when we all come and listen together.

As we began listening to this Hebrew series, the Sunday School teachers felt led to present a study of the author, Apostle Paul, in a unique way for the children.  Instead of the children leaving each Sunday to their classes, they stay at their seats, and each receive their own canvas pouch with crayons and coloring pictures (on card stock) about Paul at various times in his life.  We provide a laminated, double-sided background scene and a tent in each pouch.  Each Sunday they receive a new picture of Paul to color, then we laminate that figure or scene of Paul and apply a sticky dot on the back so they can place Paul on the background scenes or put him in the tent, etc.  The word, "HEBREWS" was embroidered on each pouch by Sister Hadassah Smith, visiting from Trinidad, as a gift from her to each child.  What a special gift, indeed!

We, also, print quotes or scriptures pertaining to the different scenes in the form of laminated cards that fit into collection card pockets.  All the figures and cards are "user-friendly" since they are durable, washable and do not tear easily; and they really seem to bring Paul to life for the young ones.  At the end of this series, the children will take their pouches home.

The VGR tape quizzes are printed out for the older children and us adults to complete as we listen.  Sometimes we can hear the whispers of excitement as Brother Branham answers another quiz question!!  And of course, we are gleaning those precious nuggets that come to life all through each Message.  It is truly a time to rejoice as we enjoy this "stored up food." (Malachi 4:2)

God bless you all.