Cub Corner in Denmark

Some awesome Cub Corner kids in Denmark had a Cub Corner/Creations day and shared their story with us. It was a great time for everybody!

Dear friends!

Greetings in the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We are so thankful to Him for His mercy and Grace! He is our everything and without Him we could do nothing. Amen.

This is a just a short report on a Creations class we had on October 10 here in Bornholm Island, Denmark. We did “The Mysterious Cloud” class and had brought supplies from Creations in Jeffersonville.

We were just a small group but it was a BIG blessing! The children of all ages (WINK) enjoyed it and we learned a lot. We had children\young people from ages 2-22…Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and American. There was a lot of excitement in the air and the little ones had glowing eyes as we began. I wasn’t really sure how it would work with the age span and was happily surprised at how much fun it was. The toddlers even grasped quite a bit and my three year old boy sang the Revelations 10-7 song for the next two weeks and his two year old cousin picked up a lot, too. It was just so nice to get together, our fellowship focused around the Word and making It come alive with the activities, etc.

We hoisted the Danish flag outside, because in Denmark you flag on birthdays, anniversaries and other special days. We figured Creations class in Denmark was a special day…so, heave, ho, up it went! Hip, hip, hurrah…

We did the class in English and Danish.

We had several “volunteers” who were greatly appreciated, especially in the paint clean up department, since we used acrylic paint instead of normal school paint, and it was harder to clean. You live and learn. It was a busy three hours. I noticed afterwards that we should have supervised the size of the clouds a little better, as some were a little fluffier than others...but they all turned out great=)

All the class sang Revelations 10-7 at church the following morning with one of the older ones giving a little report of the highlights of the cloud class. The local believers were blessed by it.

We plan to do more projects soon, Lord willing, and looking forward to it!

A special thanks to Sister Princess and Creations for the inspiration, canvases and string that were faithfully carried many miles before final destination.

Our love to all of you, we are so happy to be “one of them” and so grateful to be called out and feasting on precious manna from Heaven, preparing for the coming of the Lord! What a wonderful time to be living in! “swarming together”.

God bless you!

Sis. Leah