One time, God Himself was the architect of a huge boat, and He chose a good man named Noah to build it.

It all started when God had become unhappy about the way people were acting. Everything the people were doing was evil and ungodly. Nobody seemed to love God anymore; nobody except Noah.

God looked down at the evil that was in the people and decided to destroy the whole earth with a great flood. He only wanted Noah and his family, and the animals to survive. So God taught Noah how to build a giant boat that was big and strong enough to make it through the terrible flood.
The boat was to be huge: 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits tall.

That's about 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet tall! He was to make it out of gopher wood and put pitch (kind of like tar) on its inside and outside. The huge boat was to have only one window - at the top.

Noah and his family worked and worked on the ark. They followed God's plan perfectly and built it just like God told them to. Finally it was finished, but their work was far from over.

Next, Noah and his family were to gather the animals. Two by two, they came in and filled the massive ark. They had to keep the animals fed, clean, and happy. It was a whole lot of work, but it was probably really fun, too.

Imagine Noah and his family waking up early in the morning and checking on the animals. By the time they were done checking on them, it was probably already time to go to sleep again!

Finally, Noah and his family were ready. The giant ark was finished and all the animals were in place and ready to go. Then, after years and years of preparing for it, for the first time in the history of the world, it started to rain.

It rained and rained, until finally the whole world was covered with water. The ark that God designed held up just as planned. It made it through the storm and kept Noah alive!

Now, if the God that led the animal life into the ark is still the same God, by instinct He led them away from danger, away from them walls which was falling. Well, if—if a bird, and a sheep, and a cow, and the animal life can have instinct enough to be led away from danger, how much more ought the Church of God to flee away from the walls of the things of the world now, when it's just about ready to crumble. Get out friends; stand for Christ; believe in Christ.

You can read about Noah and the ark in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 6-9