The 1937 Flood

It was the year 1937, and Brother Branham was 27 years old. He had a son, Billy Paul, and a little baby daughter, Sharon Rose. Brother Branham's wife, Sister Hope, had fallen sick and he was spending every minute that he could with her.

Then the flood came.

Earlier, the Lord had shown Brother Branham a vision about a great flood that would roll through Jeffersonville, and now it was coming to pass. The Ohio River quickly swelled over its banks, all the way up to the flood walls. The river kept rising and rising until finally a dike broke, releasing the water into downtown Jeffersonville!

It was chaos, everyone scrambled to go and help those who were in the way of the flood. Brother Branham got his boat and headed out to help a mother who was stranded on top of her porch with her children.

He quickly found them and got them in the boat, but the young mother was crying for her baby. Brother Branham thought there must be another baby inside the house so he went in to look for it. There wasn't a baby there, so he headed back out to the boat. Just then the house gave way. Brother Branham quickly reached down into the water and untied his boat from the house as he was swept out into the Ohio River! His boat was quickly headed for the raging Ohio Falls. Brother Branham tried and tried to get his motor started, but it wouldn't go. The Ohio Falls were getting closer and closer. If his little boat were to go over the falls, it would be certain death.

Brother Branham prayed and repented for something that had happened earlier, "God, I know I've done wrong. I know I oughtn't to have listened to what I did. Please, dear Heavenly Father." Brother Branham pulled again and the little motor finally sputtered to a start. He was saved!

Brother Branham quickly rushed back to town to try to find his own wife and babies. It was the beginning of a very hard time for Brother Branham, but God carried him through it all. He led His prophet throughout his whole life, so he could bring us this great Message!

You can listen to this on the tape 51-0415A Life Story