The Ohio River

Years and years had passed since Jesus rose from the grave. Throughout those years Jesus sent special people to earth to help lead and guide God's chosen children. Men like Martin Luther came to pull people away from false churches. God sent John Wesley to start a revival that would pull entire countries back to Jesus. God used great men, but it wasn't quite time for Him to return to earth yet.

Just like God used John the Baptist to get people ready for Jesus to come the first time, He would use a very special man of God to make ready for His Second Coming. It would be someone with the same spirit as Elijah and John the Baptist.

One hot day in June, 1933, Brother Branham was standing in the Ohio River, baptizing people. Thousands of people had attended his revival, and now hundreds stood in line to be baptized by this young man of God.

Just as Brother Branham was getting ready to baptize a young man, Something told him to "Look up!" Suddenly, a Light came down from Heaven. The people began to scream, and some even fainted. Then came a Voice: "As John the Baptist was sent for a forerunner of the first coming of Jesus Christ, your Message will bring the second Coming of Jesus Christ."

You can hear Brother Branham tell this story on the tape, Watchman, What Of The Night? 60-0722

It was finally time for Christ to return again, and God had once again sent a very special man to announce it!

Today, we believe the Message that God has sent through His prophet Brother Branham. We know that Jesus is coming back soon, and we should be looking for Him every day. We should thank God for keeping His promise and sending us a prophet with the same Spirit as John the Baptist, who has told us all about Jesus!

I can hear the water splash yonder on the Ohio River, when I was a little old boy preacher, about twenty-two years old, singing that there. And I heard, looked up above me, and heard a Voice, said, "Look up." Here come that big Light hanging right yonder, come moving down over me, and said, "As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first Coming of Christ, you'll have a Message that'll forerun the second Coming of Christ."