It wasn't long before Elisabeth was going to be a mommy. After years and years of being married to Zacharias, she was finally going to have a child. She must have been really excited, but after a while she noticed that something was wrong.

Normally, when a baby is in his mommy's tummy, the mommy can feel him kicking around. But Elisabeth hadn't felt him moving at all. Was he OK? Maybe there was something wrong with him, or maybe he wasn't even alive!

As each day passed, she became more and more afraid. How could this be? She knew that an Angel had visited her husband, and she knew that God was in control, so why wasn't her baby moving? She was so scared.

Elisabeth and Zacharias prayed and prayed, but the baby never moved. They couldn't understand why this was happening, but the two believers kept their faith. They knew that, somehow, God would find a way to help the little baby that was in Elisabeth's tummy. He would keep His promise, and somehow, little John would be just fine.