Here is an inside look at how the Joshua picture got started. Each time we start a new scene, we start with a sketch and it grows from there!

The Story Of Joshua

After the battle of Jericho, Israel's enemies began to fear Joshua and his powerful God.

They had heard of the great victories Joshua had won, and it scared them. They decided to attack right away,  before Joshua got too big and powerful.

Five kings teamed up against Joshua. They were too wise to attack him directly, so they agreed to a surprise attack against Joshua's friends, the Gibeonites.

Joshua's friends pleaded for help, and at once, the Israelites sprang into action. The Lord had told Joshua to fight, and fight they would!

The battle started, and everyone quickly realized that Joshua would not be beaten. The kings and their armies quickly retreated, but it was too late; they had picked a fight with God and His mighty general!

The Lord kept His promise and fought alongside Joshua, casting down great stones onto his enemy.  The kings and their armies ran away as fast as they could. Joshua and his army chased them but the sun was starting to set. Soon it would be dark, and Joshua would be forced to let the enemy go, only to have them come back and fight another day. Then suddenly something happened that had never happened before: Joshua commanded the sun to stand still!

“Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.”

There, in Gibeon, the sun stood still as Joshua and his warriors overtook their challengers. God provided an extra day of daylight for his children! Imagine the fear the Amorites must have felt when they saw the power of the God of the Israelites. He could command the sun to stand still, and it obeyed!

Today, the same God that was with Joshua is with us. He is still able to do great and mighty things, but we have to believe in Him. Always remember that God doesn't do things like we would do. Sometimes He does totally unexpected things. Our job is to trust in Him and know that He is always in control.

You can read this story in Joshua Chapter 10