Creations In Sunday School

Here is what Sister Stéphanie from Quebec did with her 5-8 year olds after being inspired by a Jeffersonville “Creations” class. Thank you for your report, Sister Stéphanie! We look forward to hearing more from our friends up north real soon!

Dear Cub Corner,
Here is a craft that we did with our 5-8 year old Sunday School class up here in Shawinigan.
French is my first language, so forgive any misused words.
We held a “Creations” class on July 13rd, 2014. Our church plays the Jubilee tapes on two or three different church services because of the length of tapes translated in French.
We play tapes in Sunday school classes too. So after listening the Masterpiece Jubilee tape (Le Chef-d¹oeuvre) from paragraph 32 to 45, the kid learned about Michelangelo and about the real, almighty and greatest Sculptor.
32    I like art, real well. I believe God is in art. I believe God is in music. I believe God is in nature. God is everywhere. And anything that's contrary to the original is a perversion. God is in dancing; not the kind of dancing you do here. But when the sons and daughters of God are in the Spirit of God, see, that's dancing. But like we had to contend with till two o'clock this morning, up there in the lane, that's the perversion of it.
45             Now, to Michelangelo, that was an attribute of his thought.
    And God wanted to make a man after His image, the great Sculptor, and He went to work on him. And we notice as He brought up from the materials. The first perhaps was fishes, and then the birds, and--and then the creeping things upon the earth, and--and many things that He brought. But, finally, as He brood, of being Creator, He had... He wasn't like a man, now, a sculptor that has to take something that's been created, to hew an image. He was the Sculptor of Eternal things. He was the Sculptor that could create and bring into existence that which He has in His mind to do. Or, otherwise, He can make material what His attributes desired.
They each one mold and sculpt a block of clay. Some did little pots, animals, heart. They all had a great time creating as they were great artists.
We thank our Lord for that wonderful time.
God bless you all!
Sis. Stéphanie
Shawinigan, Québec, Canada