The Killer Bull

I was a really big, really mean killer bull! I didn’t like people, especially if they climbed over my fence into my home. They thought they could just walk all over the grass that I ate and that I wouldn’t care. What would you do if people you didn’t know walked all over your home and on your food?! I’ll tell you what I did; I killed a man one time for walking through my field.

I was so mean, that they had to move me to a different home far away from people, but I didn’t care, as long as they left me alone. If you can’t tell, I really needed the Lord in my life.

One day while I was trying to rest in my new field, I saw a man cross over my fence and into the field. There were signs everywhere telling people to stay out, but this man must have looked over every last one of them! I was so angry!

I was lying behind some scrub oaks, so he didn’t see me at first. I waited until he was real close before I stood up. I wanted to make sure he didn’t get away. As soon as he got about 20 feet from me, I stood up real fast and throwed my big horns in the ground, and bellowed as loud as I could. I started kicking the dirt, and getting ready to charge the man. I knew there was no way he could get away from me now. He was too far away from any tree or fence to run and hide, and he didn’t have his gun.

So I took off running just as hard as I could straight for the man, with my head down and my big horns pointed right for him. I was going to kill him. I knew right away this man wasn’t a coward though, because he didn’t even turn around and run like most people! He stood there like a man, ready to face his death. He wasn’t even afraid! Then all of a sudden, something really strange happened. I was only six feet away from killing the man, and I felt something like I had never felt before. I threw my feet out and stopped as fast as I could. Then the man started talking to me! I’d never had anyone try to talk to me before. And he said:

"Now, creature of God, I'm the servant of God. I'm on my way to pray for a sick man, over here dying. And I come across the field here, where your home is; I'm sorry I broke into your home." That's what I did. I broke into his home. That's all the home he knows of. Now, now, stop and think; that's true. I said, "I—I come into your house. I broke in on you. I'm sorry. You forgive me. I'll go across the field; I—I won't bother you." And I said, "Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Creator, go over there and lay down again. I'll not bother you."

I looked at him. I looked this way, and that way. I didn’t know what to think. I got really quiet and calmed right down, and I walked over and laid down. That man walked within five feet of me, and I never even turned and looked at him again. I let him walk right out of my pasture to go pray for the sick man.

I was never the same after that day! The Lord changed me from the mean, killer bull that I was, and He made me a new creature full of His love. What was it? What happened when I came into the presence of that man? It was perfect love that changed me!