Mount Rushmore

Sometimes God shows Himself to us in the little things. Here is the testimony of a young man who saw God working just so he could get a good look at a great American symbol.

Hi, My name is Micah. I would like to share with you my testimony that happened on a trip with my family. We went on a two week trip to the mid-West. On the first day we traveled to Mt. Rushmore, it was so foggy you could not even see the faces on the rock. We decided to stay another day and try to see it again. The next day, it was still a little foggy so we prayed in the morning and started up the mountain. As we were driving up the road we were singing to the Lord. When we got there, it had cleared! We took pictures and walked a trail up really close to the faces. We stayed for two hours and when we were about to leave my Dad said “Take one last look because GOD’s going to close the door” four minutes later you could not see the faces at all. God had opened up the fog so we could see the faces on the mountain and just as we were leaving the fog rolled in again. I hope you liked my testimony, GOD bless, Micah